COVID 19 Acts of Kindness

We felt it important to create a page in which people can write in and share their stories. If you have given, experienced or received an act of kindness you would like to share please forward it to and we will include it in this new page. In the midst of the pandemic we need to be reminded of the goodness that we find within each other.

I lost my Airpods and case. And my neighbor and her sons helped me look for them for half an hour. We finally found them. We kept our distance. -Gloria

One day I got home, from a late day at work. And what did I find. A bottle of my favorite wine with a note from my neighbor telling me how much she appreciated me. It reminded me that friendship goes beyond social distancing. – Yolie

In the midst of the Pandemic, two of our friends reached out to us and chose to help us out financially by covering some of our expenses. We have been blessed. Thank you. -Anonymous

My neighbor Mark created a pizzeria in his home and his girlfriend hand delivered pizzas to us and a few other people in our building. Chef Mark has also treated us quite an assortment of other meals including eggplant parmesan, cookies, crepes and much more. If he doesn’t stop soon we will all be 20-30lbs heavier than when Covid started. I’m not sure if this is an act of kindness or us being glutenous but the food is damn good and sure makes us smile. – A & J in Orange County

I opened my door and I couldn’t help smiling. One of my closest friends had left fresh cut flowers for me from her garden. – Frances

I went to pick up some masks for a friend who was donating a box of masks for another friend and his pregnant wife. When I arrived he gifted me a second box of masks for my family. – Paul

Our neighbor always call us when she’s at Costco to see if we need anything. Knowing that she is there for us makes us grateful. Thank you. -D & R

I thought I had lost all my contacts and my friend’s boyfriend helped me retrieve them. When I asked him how much I owed him, he said “Don’t worry about, just help someone else.” -V

Our neighbors from Venezuela made this amazing cheese and their Margarita’s Rock. They are the best! -F&M

Today was a special day at St Jospeph’s Hospital in Orange, a huge celebration took place for a man that recovered from Covid19 and was going home! They voted w all staff on a “release song” to play when they r d/c home final vote came in the for U2 song “it’s a beautiful day” 😎💜
and then outside the front doors for this man was a Mariachi band! Tons of applause and cheers
I didn’t even know this man but I was tearing up!! Truly a special day for that family
It was so nice … -KZ Nurse on the Frontline

I have been recovering from an illness that puts me in a high risk category. I contacted the Highland Lakes Church Group which is in a suburb of Austin. I was assigned one of their task force volunteers, Mary, who comes around and brings me groceries, toiletries and anything else I need. Mary stands in line at the grocery store at 7:00AM to pick up groceries for me and other people. She comes and leaves the items on my door step. She is amazing and very thoughtful. She is a Godsend. My doorbell was not working properly and she even volunteered her husband services to repair it or any work I need. She’s my personal Angel. An answer to my prayers. -BZ

@chelasmexicankitchen treated my husband with such kindness this evening. Their was a miscommunication with @grubhub and they responded with such politeness and professionalism! We hope this local restaurant stays in business during this unsettling time. @debbiessavage