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More funnies to lighten your day during the confinement.

I’m not breaking up with you, I’m just social distancing.

Tyler Fischer@TyTheFisch

If we bail out the airlines, we should delay a few times.

Greg Warren@GregWarren

Oh wow it only took a global pandemic for 9 of my exes to let me know they hope I’m “doing good”

Blair Socci@blairsocci

Things that don’t seem so important anymore: Things.

Wendy Liebman@WendyLiebman

dogs creating the corona virus so that we have to stay home and can only interact with them.

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lil cumquat@lilbbycumquat

So I said to Arnie, “Where did you get those toilet rolls?”
He said, “Aisle B, back.”

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There is going to be a lot of pressure over the next few days to talk to friends and family. Fight it. Stay positive.

Tim Dillon@TimJDillon

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