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By  James Retzlaf BeeBoom

Covid-19 has taken a toll around the world. The pandemic situation itself is so scary that it only makes people get panic-stricken. If you are safe and following all the hygienic norms to stay away from Coronavirus, still the threat of getting affected makes you afraid. Such a situation is very stressful and disturbing the mental balance of many people around the world.

There are incidences of people being suicidal, they are getting frustrated and depressed by this not-changing situation. So, it’s time to embrace the condition and boost yourself up to fight hard.

Many of the people that are directly affected are seniors and young adults.

Seniors During the Pandemic

In general terms, the most affected age group is above 65 years. As seniors lack immunity they are more prone to this pandemic disease as well as being stuck at the home environment they like to move.
During isolation, the vulnerable age group gets affected are the seniors and chronic disease management are much tougher, the income is lower, the isolated situation is like a punishment for them.

Parenting During Coronavirus

Moving on to the CHILD, tackling them is a big challenge for parents. But, the fact is that there is no other option. On Child’s view, it is holiday time. The real fact needs to be explained clearly from time to time to them. No false confirmations are to be given to the child at any point as their mental status is very fragile. They are the first people who need to be protected other than elders. 

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