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Humor and love are the greatest healers of life.

Here are a few funny contributions I have received. This section was inspired by my client Gilbert in California.

The Virus

By: Martin Cremer

I remember back when 
It was 2010
Twas the Apple of my Mama’s eye

Now her MacBook is failing 
The ions derailing 
And Siri is begging to die

Her passwords forgotten
The hard drive is rotten
And I am appointed her tech

The pandemic has landed
And now I am stranded 
With my mom and her silicon wreck

The battery’s gone
It’s had life support on 
For 7 and one quarter year

The death wheel is spinning
My father is grinning 
As I struggle to hold back my tears

I begged my dear Mom
“please get a new one!”
She’s steadfast and outright refused

She has a pathology
Of hating technology
And thus I am daily abused 

My patience is threadbare
She’s found some new adware
My mind is beginning to fray

It’s as if she’s desirous 
To catch every virus
On the world wide web today

So I can’t help but wonder
If my lovely mother 
Is trying to drive me insane 

To be trouble shooter 
Of that fuckin’ computer 
Is vile and inhumane!

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